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Kanos ODV/OnOff/CBS on Flickr.

Via Flickr :
yo mes chevres adoré: Rev Astro Team Ynot Skule Dcen
encore de tres bonnes rigolades!!

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Art on We Heart It

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“The Heroes” and “The Villains”

J’adore! ça déchire!

Art by Josh Summana:

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Hulk rejoins the Avengers.

[from Avengers vs. X-Men (2012) #11]

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Jason Laferrera | on Tumblr

[Tumblr Monday with actegratuit]

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Tumblr Monday 105 - Tumblr Artist

Jason Laferrera | on Tumblr (USA)

The textures and contours of old maps are fascinating, even the tattered and stained parts. Artist Jason Laferrera digitally manipulates cartographic materials to create fauna and fowl in poses reminiscent of field guides from a similarly early era of publication. These idealized depictions created from recycled imagery question our relationship with the boundaries we draw to divide the natural world. The patterns of forests and shores often become an animal’s feathers or fur, while the rings of topography often trace out wings or antlers. Many thanks to actegratuit for this Monday for having introduced us Jason Laferrera!

[more Jason Laferrera | Tumblr Monday with actegratuit]

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another one by guy denning

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